Toyota 1FZ-FE Cylinder Head Remanufactured 1993-2009


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Up for sale is one Cylinder Head removed from a 2005 Toyota 1FZ-FE engine. This is a remanufactured Cylinder head ready to install! All parts are Tumbled Hot TankedVapor Honed with media Walnut to ensure 0contamination All Plugs are pulled Oil Galley are cleaned Plugs re threaded New Plugs (Oil Plugs) Any Compromised Valve Guides are replaced ! No Core Needed !  Cam Caps Cam Gears Rockers Springs Retainers LocksValve Seals  Advanced Cleaning Techniques: All parts...


Up for sale is one Cylinder Head removed from a 2005 Toyota 1FZ-FE engine. This is a remanufactured Cylinder head ready to install! 

All parts are Tumbled 

Hot Tanked

Vapor Honed with media Walnut to ensure 0


All Plugs are pulled 

Oil Galley are cleaned 

Plugs re threaded 

New Plugs (Oil Plugs) 

Any Compromised Valve Guides are replaced !


No Core Needed ! 


Cam Caps 

Cam Gears 


Springs Retainers 


Valve Seals 


Advanced Cleaning Techniques:


All parts are delicately tumbled, hot tanked, and vapor

honed with walnut media to eliminate any risk of contamination.

Critical components such as oil galley are meticulously

cleaned, with plugs rethreaded and replaced to ensure impeccable engine


Replacement of any compromised valve guides, ensuring your

engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

Hassle-Free Installation:


No core return required! Our package comes complete with

cam caps, cam gears, rockers, springs retainers, locks, and valve seals,

ensuring a comprehensive solution for your engine restoration needs.


Warranty and Care:

Your warranty coverage

commences from the date of purchase for the original owner, offering

comprehensive protection for the cylinder head itself. Please note that the

warranty does not include any labor costs. To ensure this cylinder head is

compatible with your engine, we recommend consulting a certified


To maintain warranty

validity, it is essential that the heat tab remains unaltered and intact on the

cylinder head. Any damage resulting from improper installation, mishandling,

overheating, or alterations to the cylinder head will not be covered. Any unauthorized

repairs will also void the warranty.

Important Notes:

Please be aware that NO

CAM SEALS have been installed on the cylinder head. Your skilled mechanic will

need to make necessary adjustments during installation.

Keep in mind that tampering with or removing the heat tab

will automatically void your warranty. We urge you to maintain the integrity of

the heat tab for your peace of mind


"Kindly review the pictures to assess the condition.

Please refrain from assuming the inclusion of any additional items not shown in

the images. Prior to placing an order, ensure to match the part numbers, or

feel free to contact us for confirmation of compatibility. Your satisfaction is

our priority!"

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